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An email to subscribers in the StartCrunch platform on June 24, 2014



We are happy to inform you that StartCrunch is now relaunched. You might have read that Paypal is now in most parts of Africa, including Nigeria. That means backers anywhere in the world with Visa and Mastercard cards can now support projects. It raises the probability of success on projects in our platform.
We now have three options for friends, families and associates to support projects and they are direct bank deposit, Paypal and Interswitch.
We invite you to start raising funds for your projects. Always remember that the success of any campaign depends on you, the creator. You need to drive traffic to your project. You need to blog about your project. You need to commit time and resources to get people to read about your bold ideas. Talk to the press and let the excitement propel you to success.
At StartCrunch, we are witnessing a new dawn in ecommerce in Africa with the arrival of Paypal.The simplicity of Paypal compared with the alternatives increases the rate of success that backers will support projects.
Now, visit and create a project – education, arts, startups, political campaigns, new born baby, etc. Make it great, spend time on it. Put efforts, the world will reward you.
StartCrunch Team
USA  & Africa
– We are starting immediately and will publish projects as they come.
– If you have submitted a project before which might have expired, we ask you to submit it again.
– Whenever you have formatting issues on your project description section, read . Do not spend time on formatting, focus on the contents. Our team will ensure your project is well formatted before we approve for the public view.
– Here is how to setup Paypal in Nigeria in case your backers need to do that.
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